The Stork and I

S3: 9 Being a freelance solo mum

June 30, 2021
In todays podcast I chat to solo mum, freelancer and author Kate Sawyer. 
Kate has an 18 month old daughter and has just had her first book, The Stranding, published. We discuss how Kate has made freelancing work for her, as a solo mum. 
In todays episode we cover: 
- Making sacrifices in order to save money for becoming a solo mum
- Writing a book during pregnancy
- Being creative with finances to save as much money as possible
- Moving out of London to be closer to family
- The importance of having a good support system in place
- Getting treatment in Denmark
- Top tips for making freelance work for you when pursuing solo motherhood
....and much more!
You can follow Kate on Instagram at @mskatesawyer and you can get her book from Amazon and many other book shops. 

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