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Changing the narrative around single women with Nicola Slawson

Changing the narrative around single women with Nicola Slawson

July 29, 2020
In this episode I speak to Nicola Slawson. A freelance journalist who writes a newsletter, The Single Supplement, changing the narrative around being single. 
Nicola is 35 and happily single. She is considering solo motherhood as a possible option for the future. 
In this episode we talk about:
- Why the pandemic made some of us feel more single than ever
- How Nicola set up her newsletter The Single Supplement to change the narrative around single people
- The advantages of pausing dating to focus on self work
- Realising we might be commitment phobes!
- Juggling work and dating
- The preference for meeting people in real life as opposed to internet dating
- Feeling empowered that solo motherhood is a real option available to us
- Feeling inspired about this route to motherhood based on reading others inspiring stories
You can follow Nicola at:
Instagram: @thesinglesupplement
Deciding on solo motherhood with Claire

Deciding on solo motherhood with Claire

July 22, 2020

In episode 4 I meet Claire. Solo mum of gorgeous 1 year old Ruby. 

Claire and I met at a solo mum meet up and became friends. We spent last Valentines Day together with our kids and some other solo mum friends (in the same pub Max George from The Wanted but that's another story!) We spent most Wednesday evenings together via Zoom during lock down on The Stork and I Solo Mum Calls. I love Claires banter so I knew she'd be a great guest on the podcast. She loves to tell it as it is! 


In this episode we discuss: 

- Deciding between IUI and IVF

- The pressure of dating when you want a baby 

- Sharing the journey with family

- Planning for every eventuality

- Building a support network including overnight sleep support throughout the first 4 months

- An honest account of the elements Claire has found challenging being a solo mum 

- Finding a night a month to go out for a bit of a blow out

- Creative dates to fit in with childcare

- Fertility tests and their role in helping to make a decision to start the journey to solo motherhood

- Our views on whether we would have found parenting with a partner any easier than parenting solo


You can follow Claire on Instagram @clairesofield

I hope you enjoy the episode. Mel xx

Natazsas solo motherhood journey

Natazsas solo motherhood journey

July 15, 2020
In Episode 3 I speak to Natasza AKA @me_becomes_we. Natasza is a solo mum by choice to a toddler and is currently trying for baby number 2. 
Natasza had a 5 year fertility journey where she experienced recurrent loss. In this episode we do not cover the details of that element of her experiences as we focus on the subject of making the initial decision to start the journey. 
In this episode we cover: 
- The power of the Solo Mum Community
- We talk about Natasza's journey which involves recurrent loss and how she dealt with that with the support of her friends and family
- Egg freezing vs solo motherhood
- Investigating options for solo motherhood
- Dating challenges and assessing whether our internet date would make a good dad after meeting them for 30 seconds!
- Feeling empowered by removing the time pressure
- Throwing a 'Who's The Daddy' party
- Getting the grandparents on board
- Hopes for the future and trying for baby number 2
You can follow Natasza's journey on Instagram at @me_becomes_we
She has also written more about her experience of dealing with recurrent loss here
Going Solo with Genevieve Roberts

Going Solo with Genevieve Roberts

July 8, 2020
In Episode 2, I meet Genevieve Roberts, solo mum of 2 and author of 'Going Solo: My Choice to Become a Single Mother Using a Donor'
I met Genevieve at The Fertility Show in 2019 where I heard her read an extract from her book and it gave me goosebumps as I heard her speak. So much of what she said resonated with me and my own experiences. 
Gen regularly shares her experiences and views on solo motherhood through her work as a journalist, writing for a variety of publications.
In this episode we cover: 
- Fertility tests as a trigger to make the decision to go solo 
- Dating and flirtations whilst wanting a baby
- The concept of not settling
- Being proud of your decision
- The amazing reactions from friends and family
- Challenging the traditional family set up 
- Hopes and practicalities of meeting a partner in the future
I highly recommend Going Solo for anyone who is considering solo motherhood. It's a great mix of Genevieve's personal experience and interviews on the subject with a number of experts. 
Mothering solo with Jocelyn @motheringsolo

Mothering solo with Jocelyn @motheringsolo

July 1, 2020

Welcome to The Stork and I Podcast. This is a podcast aimed at single women considering solo motherhood. 

In this first episode I meet the lovely Jocelyn AKA @motheringsolo

We chat donor conception with double donation, dating when you want a baby, fertility MOTs and making the decision to start the journey to solo motherhood. 

You can follow Jocelyn's story on Instagram at

If you like this episode, please rate and review keep your eyes peeled for the next one, out every Wednesday. 



The Stork and I Podcast, for single women considering solo motherhood

The Stork and I Podcast, for single women considering solo motherhood

June 17, 2020

The trailer for The Stork and I Podcast for single women considering solo motherhood