The Stork and I

S3: 8 Travelling as a solo mum

June 24, 2021

In todays episode I chat to Natalie. 

Natalie is an avid traveller and a solo mum to 2.5 year old Tiger. She chats to me about using her maternity leave to spend time travelling with her daughter.

In this episode we discuss: 

- Meeting someone in our lives who inspires us to travel
- Becoming a solo mother when you have a boyfriend
- Egg freezing and being an egg donor
- Getting treatment abroad
- Experiencing numerous treatment cycles
- Navigating solo motherhood with a partner
- Preparation and logistics for travel during maternity and the things to consider and plan for
- Maximising annual leave for travel when you're back at work
- The differences travelling with a baby and a toddler
and much much more!


To find out more about Natalie and Tigers travel adventures you can read her blog at



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