The Stork and I

S2: Managing your Mindset with Alice Rose

February 17, 2021
This weeks episode is with Alice Rose, The Fertility Mindset Mentor. 
Alice went through 11 rounds of fertility treatment before conceiving her daughter and as a result of her own personal journey, decided to start supporting others going through similar experiences. 
In this episode we discuss: 
- Alice's personal journey and what led her to set up the support she now offers 
- How all consuming a fertility journey can be
- Dealing with overwhelm 
- Tips for coping with the journey
- Why it is important to have trusted sources of information 
- The difference between informed thoughts and opinions
- How meditation and mindfulness can help support us on this journey
- Dealing with comparison
- The power of the community
- How Alice now supports others on their own journey
For more information on Alice and the support she gives you can find her at: 

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