The Stork and I

S2: Donor Eggs with Becky from Defining Mum

February 10, 2021
In todays episode I chat to Becky Kearns AKA @definingmum
Becky has 3 gorgeous girls with her husband, who she conceived using donor eggs in the Czech Republic. 
In this episode we discuss: 
- Feelings of loneliness when on the donor conception journey
- Why Becky started her blog Defining Mum
- Societal expectations of parenthood
- What shapes a person over and above genetics
- The pros and cons of having a partner when you're going through this process
- Connecting with others in the same situation
- Our fears about this route to parenthood and the importance of sharing them in safe spaces
- Deciding to move from your own eggs to donor eggs
- What we mean by plan B
- Worries about what people think of our decisions
- Deciding to have treatment abroad
- The creation of Paths to Parenthub 
For more information you can follow Becky on Instagram at:  
Or on her website: 

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