The Stork and I

S3: 6 The journey to solo fatherhood

June 9, 2021
In todays episode I chat to David Watkins AKA @the_dadness. David is a solo dad by choice to his son Miles who he conceived using an egg donor and a surrogate. I was really excited to chat to him to hear his perspective of embarking on the journey to solo parenthood as a single man.  
In this episode we cover: 
- The experience of seeing other people with their children and the feelings that brings about
- Exploring adoption as a single man
- Considering co-parenting with a friend and the complications surrounding that decision
- What wanting to be a dad really means
- How the surrogacy process works in the UK
- The barriers to becoming a solo dad by choice
- Choosing an egg donor
- The experience of parenting solo 
- Why it can be challenging to admit parenting is tough when you have gone through such a process to get there
- Why David created Dad. Be to support other men in similar situations
and much more!
You can connect with David on his Instagram account @the_dadness

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